Cool yo-yo trick

Yo-yo toys. Those were popular how long ago now? If I say about 15 years ago, I shouldn’t be too far off I guess. I remember when the craze was pretty high with those things. Just about every shop you walked in to had at least some form of them. Even the local bakery had them at the cash register at some point. Yep, there were a lot of those stringy things around. Some of them were pretty basic, made from wood and some cheap plastic that fell apart after about a day. Then I remember those resembling like a rocket ship with all the lights flashing and it also made some weird sounds and what not.
I seen a few people who also knew how to handle those yo-yos pretty well and did nice tricks with it. In the video below you’ll see another trick that’s usually performed on it’s on, but this time it’s done with a yo-yo.


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