Cotton Candy Pro

When I was young, I’ve been taken to a few of the circus events that happened close by. And no matter where I’ve been, there was always cotton candy. Multiple instances of it. It still is present on most of the events or fairs to this day. By the looks of it, it’s really popular and sort of a reminiscent of the good old times where things were simpler and different. It certainly has a nostalgic feeling to it every time I see that machine, since it still looks the same as it did when I was a little kid. I don’t however remember ever having any of the cotton candy myself. They always told me it just like some sugar and it’s really sticky when you get your hands on it. Never really had a desire to try it, I preferred to just watch how it was made as it seemed a lot more interesting.
I didn’t however witnessed anyone who possessed these kind of entertaining skills at making cotton candy like this guy in the following video. He sure is one with the candy!


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  1. This guy’s girlfriend’s parents – “So what do you do for a living?”

    This guy – “I make cotton candy . . . like a boss!”

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