Cute Cambodian Kids Try to Say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Learning languages is quite an important and very useful thing when it comes to school and their program. When it comes to school, not everyone likes learning and get really repulsed by it for some reason. Well, I can’t say I wasn’t the same for a period of time, but still. Many of us take schools and learning for granted since that’s how we were brought up and there wasn’t really much of a choice at the given time. Now all are give the opportunity to learn and there are luckily people who are kind enough to travel the world, visit those kids and dedicate their time and sometimes lives to tech those who need the knowledge. They teach kids the basics they need and some of those basic consist for learning a language.
Now why would you want to teach kids in Cambodia the most difficult word in English? Because they’re adorable when they try saying it. I have problems with it as well. Big ones. Do you?


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