Dan Bull – Facebook rap

The last time we had a Facebook oriented topic, we were mostly focused on the past and imagined how it would it look like on the internet 20 years ago. We haven’t really looked into the content itself and all the ridiculous things it comes with. For instance the friend suggestions that keep flying in out of nowhere. Just because I know a person who knows a person that doesn’t mean I know the person who’s a friend of a person that I know! Sure sounds silly, doesn’t it? I agree. Now, I’m glad I don’t really have the need to have hundreds of so called “friends” on the list so I’m spared with most of the invitations to whichever games might be popular at the moment, but there are always people who keep on clicking that “Invite a friend” button ruthlessly no matter what!
These are just a few examples the following rap video about Facebook covers. It does a nice spin on things.

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