DC Shoes: Gymkhana four – bonus edit

Aaawwwyeee. You’re right. Another one of these videos. It’s been a while since I posted the last one so now I’m posting another gymkhana video. This is perfect for your average, day to day, MAAAAAAAN-ly men! I don’t really see how you can not like this and are a male. Most men probably enjoy the smell of rubber, gasoline and hear the loud noises of a car. Of course there’s also speed, tricks and all kinds of goodies these videos bring you. Unless that’s only reserved for manly men? Well then, are you manly enough to watch one more session of this craziness that’s brought to you by Ken Block and his trusty Fiesta? Well?

On the side note, I find it kind of amusing where there’s the Ford’s EcoBoost sticker on that car while there’s pretty much nothing that would represent anything in form of an Eco on that 650 BHP car.


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