Dirty Loops Baby (Justin Bieber cover)

It’s not too often that a cover band makes a song better than it already was, but Dirty Loops has turned, “Baby” into a jazzy, crazy awesome Justin Bieber cover…much better than the JB version. These guys are geniuses on their instruments and the vocalist, man, he is quite amazing. He has this fantastic range and control that is unbelievable. The bassist, bottom-line, he knows how to play the bass! The drummer is great as well. This three piece band just rocks! Listen to their lyrical and musical jazz scale runs and solos. It made me smile to watch the interaction between the musicians as well. The bass player doing his amazing bass runs while looking at and smiling at the other two. The vocalist doing his awesome vocal run while almost laughing. He looked like he was just loving what he was doing. It’s quite inspirational to me to watch such talented people doing what they love to do. Check out this fascinating rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” performed by Dirty Loops!

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