Dishwasher cat

Dishes in the kitchen are one of those things we all love to make but not many of them like to make it go away. I don’t really know about anyone who would be eager to clean the dishes after a nice dinner. There are those who have the dishwashers but even then you don’t really find people who’d be happy to place all the dirty dishes in it. Or rather out of it when it’s done cleaning since they all have to be put away and stored in their designated places. Now, some people tend to tempt their pets to at least lick the chunky bits off the plates before they clean them and I guess that’s a valid thing to do.
Now even though they tend to lick the plates clean, they don’t really clean the plate thoroughly under water. Well, not all but this cat in the following video seems to be enjoying the role of a dishwasher without even realizing it.

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