Do You Speak English? -Yes, Sure

Lets say you’re in your car, driving down the road. You realize you’re already late for something important or just want to get somewhere a bit faster. By speeding up you do know that you’re breaking the limit and could get pulled over at any moment if you’re unlucky enough. During that time, you don’t think about maybe slowing down a bit and be safe, you rather think about the excuse you’ll come up with if it so happens that you get pulled over. Most of the time, that won’t be necessary since chances are pretty slim, unless you get flashed by a speed camera, where an excuse is of no use whatsoever. Now if you do get pulled over, make sure you come up with a bit of a better scheme than this guy in the following video where he tried to fool the police by only speaking English and pretending he’s from Switzerland, while his documents said otherwise.

Note the smile on the officer’s face.



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