Don’t be THAT guy in the gym

Now this post is something right out of my alley. I don’t know how many of you guys are visiting the gym or at least have been at one once or twice. Those that have been in one of those bigger ones which take in more people will most likely agree with the video below.

I know it’s suppose to be a parody for the comedic purposes, but it holds quite a bit of truth in there as well. At least as a frequent visitor I tend to see it as such. It doesn’t really matter where you go to, as I’ve noticed the same phenomenon in about every place I’ve been to more than once. Different countries too, such people tend to be always present. They’re not really an annoyance for the first time, you just think to yourself, “alright, he won’t be here next time anyway.” Yet he is, and the next and the next. Then they tend to get annoying, not all, just those who make a lot of noise and carry themselves like they’re better than others. But oh well, that’s how it is.

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