Don’t mess with the Jedi grandma!

Ahhh, imagine. It’s a nice Sunday morning, birds are chripping, everyone seems to be at home, no noise but nature all around. And you, as an elderly person, decide to have a nice and quiet sit on the bench on the other side of the street. You know, to take in the peace and quiet, to relax from all the midweek hiatus and whatnot. You sit there for a while. Oh look, your grandsons decided to finally come out and be in the fresh air for a change. That’s good, you say. But there’s a problem, they’ve started to ruin your nice peace and quiet by playing some loud and obnoxious music. That’s alright, you just tell them nicely to turn it down a little. But you know how kids are, they don’t listen to the elderly, they barely have any more respect for them. So you have to take the situation in your own hands in order to get things your way!


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