Dr Jones the wonderful teacher

I thought the school system started to get better soon after I finished my own education. At least the people who work there, as I think I had one of the worse lucks when it comes to having teachers. Now, I’m not saying all were bad and the ones there were, weren’t as bad as some of the other ones. However, they did cause quite a few broken nerves for no reason at all. The worse one was actually the arts teacher. The arts as in painting, doing artsy stuff and whatnot. Stuff people do as a hobby. I remember that nothing I drew was good enough. It was bad, bad, and bad some more. She yelled, got mad at me for now knowing how to draw a single piece of fruit in paper and it kept on going for quite a while. I don’t really understand why such fuss, but after a brief conversation between the parents and the teacher, my apples suddenly got quite acceptable.
The following video shows another teacher who doesn’t seem to be a pretty good job at teaching people, at least I think so.


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