Driven to Fly – Transition Street-Legal Airplane

Alright, this is getting a bit silly now. Granted I haven’t been following the news and such projects all that much, but lately I’ve been posting all kinds of thing that are able to be something rather ordinary and that can also fly. I made posts about people gliding in wind suits, then we had the Flying Dutchman with his jet powered wings strapped on to his back, recently we had a road legal car that turns into a helicopter and now I have another of those gems. This time around it’s a street legal car once again, only that it turns into an airplane instead of a helicopter. And it’s white.
Check it out:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for this kinds of contraptions, heck it’s called science and engineering, I’m only glad so many people have such demanding hobbies. Who knows, we all might have something similar in our garages, but I just hope they’ll all be powered by some super battery that’ll last a while.
And I want my hover boards already!

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