Drunk students stealing a penguin

College years are being remembered as one of the most wild years in one’s youth. They’re remembered for parties, drinking, going wild and, uh.. lots of studying too, yeah. Wild times mostly apply to those that were living in a dorm or a campus where such activities were never in scarcity. After the exams were done with for the time being, things got even more crazy and lots of students went all out. When there’s alcohol present, especially huge amounts of it, there’s bound to be trouble on the horizon. Drunk people get the best ideas that usually end up none as such the next day.
Same happened to these students who had a little bit a drinking session and decided to do something nuts. And so they snuck into the land of Sea world to steal a penguin, make a video of it and sell it around. Unfortunately no one found their acts amusing and they’re just faced with police charges. I still find it rather amusing to see what they come up with!


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