Dude Perfect phone app commercial shot from Goodyear blimp

In the earlier post we’ve seen the amazing dunk performed by James Justice. Keeping with the theme of shooting balls in hoops, here is another impossible looking throw. Guy’s task in the blimp is to hit the basketball hoop in the middle the grassy fields. We don’t really know why exactly he is doing that nor if he’s getting anything because of it. Well, that might be due to the fact that it’s more of a product commercial for the smart phones called Dude Perfect and it apparently spins around the guy trying to hit the hoop on each level in the Angry birds styled game play.

Once you know why the video is made it starts to make more sense and actually fits the theme quite well. The shot itself is of course edited to make it seem like it really happened, and I’m not saying it’s impossible to make, but in this case, there was some help of video editing involved.

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