Earth at night timelapse as seen from the ISS – Earth day tribute

Today, April of 22nd, is the Earth day. This is the day we remember that we should not take our own home planet for granted as we have been doing so for a very long time in the past. Slowly the awareness is setting in bit by bit and there are still plenty of those who don’t want anything to do with it. Unfortunately those are the ones who can actually contribute to a  lot of change if only they would see why. But alas, we can’t change everybody so we just have to take our part in keeping things the way they should be, or strive to do so at very least. Now, I’m n0t saying you should go out before you even finish reading this and plant daisies in the middle of a busy street. All I’m saying is that we should take care of our own little part of not making things any worse as they are, and doing so is already doing more than many are doing now.


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