Easter bunny hates you

Easter times are uppon us. That can only mean one (of many) thing(s)! It’s time for heaps of delicious good one the table. All kinds of hams, vegetables, cheese, pasty and last but not least, eggs. Oh man is there a lot of eggs this time around. If you never eat eggs, I’m pretty sure you eat them this time. Sometimes you don’t even have a choice, they just shove you those eggs in your hands and not much you can do about it. Or maybe that’s just me.
Anyway, Easter also has that funky tradition which says that a certain bunny hides all his chocolate eggs around the place and it’s up to your kids to find them all. Because kids also love chocolate. This bunny here on the other hand has other plans on this day. It doesn’t involve hiding any of the eggs for people to find, but he rather prefers finding trouble.


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