End Cat Boredom PSA – Friskies Treats

Cat boredom. That is one of those things that us homo sapiens can’t possibly understand. No matter how much we’re told about it, the horrors of such a condition must be just devastating. I mean I can only imagine how it must be. Being a cat that has nothing to do, to be bored all day. I mean, you’re a cat, what are you suppose to do? Your only worry is to make sure you’re not bored at all. You may do that by annoying your master/owner. Err, I mean your servant, since cats don’t have owners. That usually happens when it gets to food and no matter how squeaky the rubber mouse is, when there’s hunger on the rise, you will get fed.
And how do you treat your kitty cat? By providing it with only the best of foods an treats money can buy. Because you don’t want to have a bored and annoyed kitty, don’t you.



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