Epic Meal Time – The Bacon Supercut

If you’re any kind of an internet enthusiast and spend even a fraction of your time exploring the wonderful waves of the net, you most likely watch youtube videos. And if you watch those, you’ve most likely come across the guys from the popular weekly ‘cooking’ show called Epic meal time. If you plan on making a dinner for two and need an online tutorial of how to make a dish, those guys are not what you’re looking for. Unless you’re cooking for 50 or more people, then you can take a look. Even their crudeness and rather bizarre style, they do have at least one love. And that love is bacon, it’s sort of their symbol of strength and power and there’s no meal without bacon in it. Nothing is spared, not even deserts.
Just how much bacon are we talking about here? See for yourself, and mind you, that’s far from all of it. Warning: A lot of meat.

In case you just want to know what the video is about, a little summation: bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. Bacon. Bake’n.

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