Epic – Slinky on a Treadmill

Ahh slinkies. Remember those from about 20 years ago? Those were sure hyped pretty much everywhere. Can’t really remember anyone who didn’t own one. Well, at least one that is. Even I remember having about 3 of those at least. Could’ve been more, but I only remember having a bright red plastic one, rainbow colored one also plastic and a metal one. The funky think with those slinkies is that they get tangled so darn fast you can’t really keep up. They all had their good and bad attributes. The metal one was easily untangled but got bent quite often yet not broken. Plastic ones were a bit less durable as their hard plastic didn’t bend all that much. They did however do their job the way they were supposed to. They conquered many stairs, from outside path stairs to long apartment building stairs. And what better way is there to put them to the test than setting a continuous motion of a treadmill and set one of those suckers loose there while some epic music is playing? There is no better way.

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