Eruption after person falls in a volcanoes lava lake (test with organic waste bag)

Ever wondered what it would happen if you accidentally dropped yourself (or someone else rather) into the lava? I didn’t think so. But surely it must be fun throwing stuff in it just like it’s fun throwing things into a lake, or a big puddle. Things go splash around and it makes a nice deep sounds doing it. Video of this post will be showing us what happens if you throw in something like a person in the lava. No, it’s not a real person, but a real person would reach the sam effect. You can see the surface isn’t all that thick to hold a person afloat, but that’s not really an issue since there’s all this heat and molten magma that would consume you in a heartbeat. That’s probably a good thing too, as it doesn’t give you any time to feel the horrific pain or stuff like that I guess. Huh, some dark thoughts, eh?

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