Experimenting with sound and water

Sound and water don’t usually mix too well together. At least not to my knowledge. If you’re at a pool area in the summer, you might be listening to some nice jams coming out from the surrounding speaker but once you get under water, there’s barely anything you hear anymore. Just some deafened sounds of something that resembles music and noise from people around you. So in that regard they don’t mix too well. Then you have sound waves that are pretty nice when exposed to some liquids. I remember seeing the experiment that was involved a bass laying flat on the surface and some corn starch spilled over on top of it. Then the bass did its thing and that wet corn starch started making all kinds of shapes.
This experiment here also plays with different sound frequencies and the effects are quite unexpected. I know it’s just an illusion of some sort, but the way it looks is just awesome.

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