Eytan and The Embassy – Everything Changes

The lack of music videos around here has been a bit lengthy it seems. I’m going to fix it. And no, I’m not putting up that Somebody that I used to know music here, nor any of the other remixes. This time we’re mostly focused on the visual aspect of it all. Or better yet, on the outfits. You don’t really have to think hard to remember that Lady Gaga’s outfits were a bit obscure at times, to say the least. With her meat costumes and such things, she wins over quite a few hearts and probably a couple of sick stomach. But anyway, the point in this video is also to set a record of most whole outfit changes though the whole unedited music video. That means a lot of dressing up to do. We get to see 18 different outfits throughout the whole 4 minute video. Try and see how many do you actually recognize!

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