Facebook Police

Facebook police, now that’s something that might not be all that bad if it actually existed. There’re quite a few reasons why that would come in handy. For example, someone is sending you those game requestst all the time. Now I don’t really have a problem if they play those Facebook games, it’s their own thing, but once I get heaps of requests about petting chicken and collecting forest brancehs to earn some nature points, one has to draw a line somewhere. Or when you keep getting invited on events by people you haven’t seen in ages and really have no desire to spend any particular time with them. Well, those people don’t really have any business being on the ‘Friends’ list in the first place, so it’s also my fault on that one.
The following video is a sketch of how could Facebook police function if it were real. Although it is a bit excessive still, I agree, but the idea is in the right place.

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