Fake Treasure Chest Prank Venice Beach

It’s been quite a long time since we were around the 1st of April where pranks are happening and are encouraged. And Halloween is also quite a bit away and its tricks will have to wait for a little while longer. That doesn’t really stop a group of people who want to pull a prank of everyone who happen to be on Venice beach at that time. Their plan was really quite simple and it only took a bit of resources, planning and motivation. I must say their prank is also quite original and doesn’t harm anyone in the process. Now what they decided to do was to get an old chest, fill it up with a lot of golden coins that contain chocolate, take it to the beach at night and bury it. The next day, they decided to search for some treasure while the beach was full of people. And what do you know, they found a treasure chest!
Check it out and see how it went and how people reacted!


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