Fickle Fashion – how today’s fashion works

Buying and shopping for new clothes never was a fun thing for me. I only buy new clothes when I really must. Putting them on and off five times, trying different sizes, constantly bothering the salesman lady if they have any other sizes in blue. When I buy clothes, I buy nice looking clothes, not just some rags only to be done with it, but most of the time when I find something I really like, the chances are they don’t have the right size anymore, or is sold out completely or the only size is a different color or model which isn’t the same as the one you want, but you have to compensate then. At least you’re done with clothe shopping for some time.
A lot of people buy clothes to blend in with other people, since they don’t want to stand out too much or be pointed at for being different, and the video below touches that subject.

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