Flat ground tricks (1000 fps slow motion)

Long time ago, I’ve been to a skate park a couple of time. They were still a lot of kids around that place then. Skate boarding was very popular and ‘hip’. Lots of kids and young people were part of the craze. Driving around the skate park, jumping over ramps and performing tricks for other observers to enjoy. I must say I got inspired by those people to try it out for myself. I don’t know if I was lucky or not that my parents didn’t want to get me a skate board, because I would probably do something stupid and break some part of my body eventually. I did always admire those who were able to make those complex tricks, but never knew what they actually do with their feet as it happens so fast.
We now have a lot of tech that helps us film and capture things in slow motion so that we see what’s actually going on. Same goes for the skate boarding tricks. Check it out in the video below!


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