Flying Horse – Gatorrada (Cat-Toast)

How many times has it happened to you, that you’ve been applying some delicious butter on your toast when suddenly something bothered you and you dropped it. Even though the odds of it falling to the buttered side are about 50 50 each, there’s usually a 100% chance it’ll fall on a buttered side. That is my experience at least and I must say it applies to all kind of breads and all kinds of different spreads. No matter what you put on top of your bread, when dropping, it’ll fall on that exact same side. Quite unfortunate and unpleasant. Now combining that knowledge with the fact that cats always land on their feet, you now have a winning idea on making an infinite spinning combination. Unfortunately we live in reality for the time being so we can’t say that would actually apply. Such restrictions don’t bother the film makers who did the following commercial for the Flying horse energy drink and added a nice spin to the idea.


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