Man flaps his wings and flies off?

So there are some dutch guys who decided it’d be fun to make a contraption from the times of Da Vinci when the ideas of a flying human were pretty popular. To be honest, I don’t know the whole story behind this video, but if nothing else it looks interesting. You be the judge.

Now from what it looks like it could be debatable whether the content is legit and real, or is just a hoax. My bet would be the latter since many angles in this video look a bit suspicious. Not to mention that a lot of such attempts aren’t really done by just a few people in a back yard without attracting publicity. Before a successful execution, where plenty of people with computers and measuring apparatus would sit around, is performed, they’d make sure everything gets captured on tape. Nonetheless, video got a lot of attention as it is, be it real or fake, it looks nice, even though something seems off while watching it. Idea still lives on.

What do you think, is it real of just a nice idea? And if it was a fully function gear avalable to you, where would it take you first?

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