Foot 2012 (Rémi GAILLARD) – Crazy Soccer – Football Shots

So Rémi Gaillard takes some amazing shots with a soccer ball. I’m always skeptical to see videos like this. I wonder how many takes Rémi had to shoot before he actually hit his targets. If you’re a soccer / football player, or not, this is quite amusing to watch. Rémi in his Foot 2012 video shows us some amazing “footage” as he kicks his soccer ball around, hitting targets and even hitting a guy in the head…that was pretty funny. It was a definite fail, but I loved watching it. He was supposed to hit the cigarette from the guy’s mouth. The guy looked a little startled but was able to keep his composure. Rémi takes other shots, shooting the soccer ball into moving shopping carts, wheels and tires, bins, knocking cans and lighters over and a lot of other shots. He then integrates some famous football / soccer shots into the footage that can trick people who don’t know better that maybe it’s him in those games. Clearly it isn’t, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video of “Foot 2012 (Rémi GAILLARD)” – Crazy Soccer – Football Shots.

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