Fox working in a restaurant – hand drawn animation

Title does seem pretty strange at first, especially when there’s no such thing possible (okay, maybe in the east somewhere, but they’re more of a panda type of people.) That’s why we have the world of animation that makes such things possible and come to life. This animation is a bit more than that  I think, it portrays a nice story of a prancy little fox who stumbled upon a city while running though the woods looking for some food. Like many foxes, this one too checks in the garbage bin behind a restaurant where it finds an apron. That’s its ticket into the restaurant where it’s treated like an employee. An employee with a long nails, a tail and a bit of an instinct issue when it comes to food.
The animation itself is really open for interpretation and is not to be taken literally by all means.

There are several stories to be found in this. How many did you find?

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