Frustrated ferret trying to get the food back

It appears that more and more animals are trying to push into the human space and make use of all the riches that it provides. Those riches mainly being food that’s laying around and thrown away by people who have plenty. Pretty sure pigeons are running around every street corner just because they have plenty of everything to eat around and don’t really need to be in the nature to live. City is their nature apparently. Even the woodland creatures are quite fond of the food that is found in the trash bins. We don’t really get raccoons around here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any others. I remember one time going through town a bit late in the evening when suddenly the ratting sound of the trash cans startled me, and when I looked I saw a bunch of foxes running away. Either that, or those were some very orange stray dogs…
Anyway, here we have a critter in the form of a ferret that apparently found its lunch, but couldn’t take it with.


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