Classic game deaths

Memories of the good old games from one of the first eras of gaming really tend to be strongly set in people’s minds. Plenty of happy times were had while spending some cold winter days sitting behind a tv screen, in a warm room with dimmed lights, some friends around or significant others by your choice. Talking, having laughs, playing some good old video games on their preferred system of choice. Of course, those were the good times. There were also those times where you were sitting by the tv alone, playing your favorite game which you wanted to finally put down by beating it in one sitting. And so the times of frustration began. You’ve been presented with the game over screen so many times, you don’t even count. The amount of pulled out hair was piling up and nerves were striking thin. In the end it was all worth it, as you’ve won. You managed to do it finally and your life felt a bit more complete for the time being.
Here we have some of those moments captured in a short video. The moments of failing that is, a sequence of sprite animations that were shortly followed by a game over screen.


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