Girl being blown away by plane’s jets

Alright, lets turn things around a bit and start with a video for a change and commentary will follow.

There, now that this is over with I would like to know why people who have shared this with me keep saying, “aww, poor girl,” and “who would put that airport there?”
What I think is that it’s actually quite nice to see such stupidity being punished for a change. I mean sure, it must be quite thrilling to stand behind such a big plane and see whether you can resist the force its turbines produce. Just don’t complain when they blow you away because you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s like watching videos of people that are trying really hard to go as fast as possible on a treadmill when suddenly they can’t keep up anymore and make a loud thud sound once they’re flinged across the room at the nearest stack consisting mostly of heavy stuff. Sheesh, people…


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