Glass technology concept

We haven’t had all that many posts about some concept related stuff. By that I mean those things where people have an idea and they realize it though some computer post production procedures. This way, there really is practically no limit except the imagination of a certain individual. There are a lot of those ideas, that’s for sure, the problem is when you want to peel out the ideas that are actually useful. Surely, many of the useful ones get realized at some point, perhaps soon in a different way or after a couple of years when the technology is sophisticated enough that makes that possible. We can’t really expect to have progress in anything if we don’t have those individuals who strive  forward with seemingly impossible ideas.
One of these ideas considers glass as the main player here. It’s kind of like a tablet that works with about anything and it does certainly seem appealing in the video. Perhaps soon, we’ll have those. I hope.


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