Goal celebrations FX

Here we are again, at some football (soccer.) This time we’re looking into that sweet part of this sport. Sweet part for everyone I’d say. For those who watch it and for those who play it. That’s right, I’m talking about that golden moment when a team scores a goal. It doesn’t matter which team, as both of them have about the same amount of fans that get completely insane when that ball rolls passed the goalie and hits the net behind him. Now, depending how important that goal is, we may witness all sorts of thing. Let’s say an important goal was scored the last minute. At that moment, t-shirts started flaying around, people get crazy with excitement, winning players start jumping across the field, sliding around it, yelling. Hysteria embraces them all and they get out of control. That makes for a lot of interesting looking footage. Now, what if we apply some special effects to those scenes? Let me tell you, it looks pretty entertaining.


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