Googleable- Ori Dagan (Official Music Video about GOOGLE)

This time around, we have a song about our good friend Google. Yep, that’s right, more singing about things that surround us every day. Come to think of it, I could almost say that we’re surrounded by Google and Google’s things more every day than we are surrounded by sun. It’s kind of creepy if you put it like that, but it’s hard to deny these things. This is where our modern way of life and technology at hand got us to. It is very convenient to look up pretty much anything at any given time and place. Not at home? Check it on your phone. Or someone else’s. Such amount of information always available. On the other hand, a lot of our information can be also available to other people and companies, but lets leave that for some other time.
Rather, enjoy this Google jazz song and the nice animation!


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