Guy being attacked by a goose

Imagine this, you’re on your way to work, minding your own business as your state of mind is in that pre-work phase, lost in thought of what need to be done for the day, how to do it, and so forth. You stroll down the path when suddenly you get ganged up by a goose. A wild one even, and we all know that those can be pretty deadly!*
That is what happened to this unfortunate guy here:

To be fair, it might have been his fault first. Goose maybe just wanted to ask about the time as geese don’t usually wear watches (or need to know the time, but who knows, maybe this one is in a hurry too.) When guy started swinging his newspaper at it, it felt rightfully threatened and defended itself. That’s one take on the story, other might be that people filming from a safe distance bribed the goose with some bread and wanted to see how the man reacts and film it in order to post the video on the internet.
What do you think is going on in the background?

*Wild geese aren’t all that deadly.

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