Guy built his own Star Trek Phaser

When it comes to Star Trek franchise, there’s a very big fan base supporting it all over the globe. There are a lot of conventions going on in that regard, a bit less nowadays than before but the popularity is still there. The amount of people that visited those cons was huge. Everyone brought some sort of marking that they belong to the group while many decided to dress up as characters and parade around in that. There was no shortage of activities either and everyone was eager to visit their favorite part of the show. Of course there was also the obligatory episode seeing and cheering at the memorable moments in those.
And with so many fans there are some who take it to the next step and start making their own replicas of the gadgets used in the show. Just like this guy here, who decided to make his own phaser cannon, and a real working one even.

Now we just need someone to mass produce the replicator machine!


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