Hand back into the Large Hadron Collider

Let us walk into more of a science waters with this one for a change. There have been a lot of hype going on around the large Hadron Collider. Which makes sense, since it is one of the most advanced scientific things that have ever been built and there’s no denying it won’t show results at some point. Unfortunately or rather luckily, we won’t be seeing any black holes just like some very paranoid people have been afraid of. There won’t be any great explosions or any such nonsense that would blow up half of the planet. However, given the mass of the accelerator, particles are meant to achieve very big speeds and can do certain things when they hit stuff.
Guy in the video has a rather simple question of asking what would happen to your hand if it would get hit by the accellerated particle. Surprisingly he get a lot of theoretical answers but none of them seem to be positive towards doing so.

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