Happy birthday David 8

Glancing in to the future is always something someone can twist their mind around in their own way. Just look at some movies that show the years around 2000 where people drive around is electric, flying cars, live in some obscure modern buildings, eat pills instead of food and communicate in anything but our standard ways. Even the Back to the future movies promised us flying hover boards to ride around while wearing a red vest. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen any of those things happening as of late, except red vests. We were also promised robots and artificial life forms to aid us (and at some point turn against us.) The only thing future brought was more of a down to Earth look at the future itself. No more of such nonsense that’s nowhere near our grasp yet. Although robots are being researched and slowly they are getting better and better to aid others.
The following clip is part of the Prometheus movie campaign I think and features an artificial human named David, and he is the number 8 in the series. Let him explain things he sees and how he understands them.


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