Henri 3, Le Vet

Remember a little while ago, when I posted a video of our feline friend Henri? He was explaining to us how hard is it to be a cat in a household and that one day he’s going to get away from the torments of it all. Now we have another glimpse of a life of Henri. Did he finally manage to get his wish and set foot towards freedom and away from the chains of being a common pet? Well, judging by him getting stuck in a cat carrier, I would say that his mission was delayed. He’s on his way for a regular check up and unfortunately vet only sees to it that his ears are clean while he’s not doing anything against the depression. Poor Henri. He was mocked by the other pets and couldn’t do anything about it either while he was waiting. On the other hand, he could’ve been one of the ‘victims’ he saw on the wall.

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