Hey America, do you want to lose weight?

Losing weight can be a pretty tricky business once yours start looking into it a bit more in detail. For many the problem is finding time, or rather finding enough motivation to break their style of living that got them where they are. But hey, they have wonder pills that’ll make you shrink for 4 sizes in a week! Actually don’t eat those, if you really must, just eat a carrot and it’ll do you much more good. There’s apparently another method, explained by this cheerful little girl here:

So, what do you think, is it possible? HELLOOOO?? It’s as easy as drinking a shake instead of eating that juicy cheesecake with double cream topping and some sprinkles on top. If you want that thing to have an effect, first make sure that you don’t blend in that same cheesecake with cream from earlier and drink that. Don’t. You just have to replace all the nasty and fatty stuff with some nice fibery and yummy natural ingredients such as vegetables, fruit and that secret see through ingredient, H2O (water.)

It really is that simple! And the great thing about all this, is that you don’t need a product to do those things since you can do it on your own by sticking to it, so think about it before you rush off buying overpriced shakers when you have a blender, a glass and a fridge full of yummy vegetables at home.

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