Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device

You can always rely on Japanese to bring you something fresh and somewhat new that would make your daily life a little bit easier. Or at least that’s how they present the products at Honda at least. This time around they’ve made a funky looking personal mobility device. In appearance, it does scream Honda the moment you look at it, it’s difficult not to recognize the style. What it actually is however is like a glorified Segway or sorts. Well, not exactly since you sit on this device while you stand on a Segway. Sitting makes it sort of more accessible to those people who have a difficulty walking and in a way I can see the appeal on this thing. Video presentation sure shows its performance and use around as well as how it actually works, yet I can’t seem to lose the feeling this thing is not meant for this market yet and will remain more of an eastern thing.


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