Honest Trailers: Transformers

When you go to the movies to watch a movie, you usually already know what you’re going to watch and why. Chances are you were either dragged along, someone recommended you the movie or you just saw a trailer for the same movie and based on that trailer you decided to go see it. Which is fine, that’s what trailers are for anyway, to give you a little taste of what will be going on. Kind of like a demo for a video game. Although you must realize that even those trailers are basically just a commercial for the given movie and will do their best to make you want to see that movie. They will pack those two minutes with action and excitement, giving you only a taste of what you’re in for in you decide to see the whole deal. But that doesn’t mean they have to be all honest about it.
Here’s a look upon the ‘honest’ version of Transformers trailer.

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