HOT POCKETS Limited Edition Infomercial

Ahhh, long, warm and sunny days. Just perfect for a round of the good old back yard barbeque session. You eagerly get into the shed where you keep your beloved BBQ grill and untangle it from the cobwebs of the winter. It’s a little bit messy, but that doesn’t bother you too much, fire will take care of it. You load that bad boy up with coal and it’s time to heat things up a bit. Mmmm, all that lovely smoke in your face. But that’s okay, it’s just part of the beloved process and you can already smell the hamburgers. Or that might be just the smell of grease from last year. And one you’re all set to start with the cooking, you clumsily trip over one of the legs of the grill, making it fall down like a champ.
Oh no, your precious bbq is ruined! But wait! There’s always a solution! This time it’s in form of those super tasty, super great, hot pockets that taste just like bbq, but are a lot easier to prepare! Just needs to be blown at a bit, like a real grill!

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