Hot right now drum cover – a little bit different

I always hold a huge respect to people with disabilities and how they fight though their life. No matter what kind of a disability it is, it makes me wonder to myself that I can be really glad not to have to deal with any of such things myself. I can’t imagine myself living without any legs, or being incapable of walking. Pretty much any function in our body is taken for granted up until it starts making trouble and doesn’t function all that well anymore. Now there are a lot of ways to deal with these things I would guess. Some people demand constant pity and need to be taken care of all the time by others. Then there are people who say that it won’t prevent them from doing the things they love and they find a way to do them no matter what.
Same goes for this man in the following video where his passion for drumming is pretty strong. And it shows, because he has to play them a little bit differently.


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