How a Microwave Oven Works

Microwave ovens are one of those kitchen appliances that you simply can’t go without in these times. It’s just so very convenient and useful. It heats up things quickly and for those who are a bit on a lazy side, it also makes those so called microwave dinners where you just stuck them into the machine, let it roast for a couple of minutes and *ding* dinner is complete. Alright, those aren’t exactly the best things you can put into your body but when there’s a crisis those can work. I’m also sure many of you have asked yourself how does is actually do that, or rather what’s happening to make the food warm. We usually only know it emits radiation inside and that it might be hazardous if looked at when open, but never exactly why.  Up until now, as this following video nicely explain the way in which a microwave works. It all makes sense now!

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