How Do Pain Relievers Work?

Lets throw in one of these informational posts in here, shall we. This time around we’ll talk about something that no one wants to experience but on the other hand we can be lucky that it’s there. I’m talking about pain. Without the feeling of pain, we would not know that something is wrong in some parts of our body. For example, we know that if we cut our finger while preparing some vegetables or something, the finger will bleed and even without the stinging sensation, we will know something’s up. Now what if something’s happening internally and we don’t really see anything wrong, or we get hurt without even realizing it at first since we can’t see it. That’s where the pain reminds us to check the origin of it and also do something about it. How does the body know where the pain is and what pain actually is you ask? The following video explains it nicely.

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