How does it look like to be in a crashing chopper – helicopter on board cam

There is no shortage of any kind of accidents like car crashed, plane crashes and helicopter crashes. Or pretty much crashes of anything that is moving and is (mostly) operated by a person. Sometimes things can’t be prevented and accidents do happen. With a little bit of luck, nothing bad happens to the people involved apart from a few scratches and bruises. Nothing happened to the party involved in the following video showing a raw footage from a helicopter cam of a Top gear filming crew which came to an unexpected stop, supposedly to due to the engine failure.
This is how it looks to be in the crashing vehicle:

And this is the aftermath of the crash:

It’s far from a pretty sight in any case and the crew is really lucky to be all fine and well, even though it didn’t look as spectacular as it may look in the movies, but for them I’m pretty sure if felt quite real.

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