How High Can We Build?

What’s the highest thing you’ve ever stood on? How high was it? I’m sure many of you’ve been on Eiffel tower or some other high structure. The lucky ones of you have probably also been in Dubai and stood on the tallest building as of today. I can’t really imagine how it must feel to stand on one of those and look down as I’ve only seen the pictures and they look spectacular. Now I’m sure this building won’t be the tallest one for ever, since same happened to the pyramids, Eiffel tower, Empire state building and so forth. It’s only a matter of time something taller is built. In the video I’m about to post we get to hear about an elevator that could technically lift things into space for very little cost compare to using a shuttle. Now that’s an idea I like to hear and something that might actually be closer to commercial space flight so far. I’d love to see the space!

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